Using the Remind App in Spanish Class

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Previously "Remind 101", now ""... this online tool is one of my very favorite online teaching resources that I've ever found. I really believe it revolutionized the way I communicated with my students and parents.


  1. This tool is completely free, no spam, or annoying emails or anything!
  2. It allows you to personally communicate with students in a safe way (not between your personal cell phones).
  3. It allows you to easily text message reminders to a single class, all classes, group of classes, or individual students.
  4. Parents can sign up too and be a part of the class so they also get reminders.
  5. You can set your messages to be sent at a certain time (i.e., 7am as your students are about to head out the door, your message comes through reminding them to bring their homework).
  6. This is a great way to send good vibes to your students, personally or as a group, without calling them out in class.
  7. You can send URL links, pictures, etc. in your messages. I used to send the link to the online flashcards in my message.
  8. This is how students communicate! Students LOVE it.


  1. I'm at a title 1 school, so I only had about 3/4 of each class sign up for the text updates, as many of them did not own cell phones.
  2. I felt bad knowing that these kids without cell phones weren't getting the extra reminders, support, and encouragement from me. In fact, these students need the support the most!

Have you used remind? 

How did it work out for you and your students?


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